History of Israeli Art: 1920’s

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In continuation to yesterday’s blog post in which we began to address the question of how Israeli art developed its own unique flavor, we pick up with the new immigrants attempted to solve this issue. One way that naturally evolved was the depiction of Biblical scenes and romantic, hypothesizing images drawn from Jewish communities in ancient times. These subject matters served the purpose by fusing European techniques with Middle Eastern styles.


What occurred, however, in the next generation of artists, was quite unpredictable. The new, young, up and coming artists rebelled against the above mentioned solution, as though it was an unwritten law in the Israeli art world.


They attempted to establish a Jewish or “Israeli” art style the was distinct from any other, and that addressed life in their newly found homeland, and did not resemble the inspiration rooted in the “old world.”


The artworks of this group, who emerged in the 1920’s, chose to emphasize the Land’s landscape using an aura of light and glowing colors, primitive techniques and symbols. In addition, they also often portrayed exotic Middle Eastern lifestyles and environments.












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