Israeli artists – to move or not to move?

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The heart of many Israeli artists eventually reaches a point where it questions whether to remain faithful to the relative atomic, but precious Homeland, or whether they should venture out into the spacious, colorful, and enticing world of art abroad, in order to both promote themselves, and market their art. Despite cultural barriers and costliness, there are those who take the step, and wait to see how far they can go, and how their art can enter the soul of those foreign to them, and often to Israel itself.

These artists find themselves at times in somewhat of a “purgatory” state. After they have spent a few months, or even years of being abroad, they can not imagine themselves leaving their new environment, one that offers an ever present hope and opportunity of being discovered and given the outlet and publicity that they dream of. On the other hand, they often feel as though they are not yet prepared to return to their beloved Israel, the land from which they may even draw their inspiration.

Even though I do not necessarily endorse this shift in location, an often unnoticed reality seems to be occurring, the profile of Israeli art is being considerably upgraded in these lands, and therefore many collectors and galleries alike are taking a new, keen interest in art depicted by our minute country’s ambassadors in this unexpected genre of beauty.

Arie Lamdan - Yemenite Couple

Arie Lamdan - Yemenite Couple


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  1. Z Said:

    It’s so true, very well put you can really feel the heart of most Israeli artists!

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