Israeli art in New York City


Yoav Shualy - Landscape
Yoav Shualy – Landscape

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For those of us who don’t know, or those who find it hard to believe, here are some hard core facts about Jews in New York City. The New York City metropolitan area is home to the largest Jewish community outside of Israel, boasting 3,750,000 Jews, comprising of 9.3% of New York’s city’s diverse population.



With statistics such as these, the New York art scene is awakening slowly but surely to a field that almost 10% of  the population potentially has an interest in. The city’s museums are taking in Israeli artists, and back in March of this year, the Museum of Modern Art opened a solo show for a graduate of the renowned Israeli art school, Bezalel, who incidentally still works in Israel.


Madalena Sawon, the director of the Postmasters Gallery in Chelsea, which represents two Israeli artists, says, “There’s a big desire for the art world to be international, and there’s no favoritism or discrimination.”


The New York art scene has become enticing for young Israelis artists too. One of the professors at Columbia University, Jon Kessler, created the Israel Artists Fund for Visual Arts at Columbia, in 2003. Two scholarships to its master’s program are awarded each year.


Another example is Rivka Saker, who created ‘Artis’ in 2004 which aims at promoting young Israeli artists in New York. Saker remarks from her offices on the Upper East Side, “It’s giving Israeli artists the right exposure that will change things for them.”


Creating a presence of Israeli art in the most highly populated city in the U.S.A. is a priority to many an artiste, challenging as it may be, the doors seem to opening.


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